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2007-04-22 Kunovice (LKKU)


      During my bicycle trip I stopped for a while at Kunovice airport (LKKU) to take some photos. Because I didn't catch the L-410 flying with parachutists as I planned, I enclose only few photos of gliders, an ultralight and one preserved plane in the Aeronautical museum (photo taken over the fence)

L-13 Blanik L-13 Vivat EV 97 Eurostar L-23 Super Blanik
Slovacky aeroklub Slovacky aeroklub private Slovacky aeroklub
OK-0911 OK-0105 OK-IUR-10 OK-0235


L-13 Blanik Z-37 Bumblebee
Slovacky aeroklub -