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OS-Planes.info - Photos from Brno



    I was thinking very much, if I should have go to the airport today - the weather was not very nice, there were some thunderstorms passing over Brno and some have had to come. Regardless I set off there and I didn't regret it. I came to Herbst Aero shortlz before arrival of B737-400 of CSA reg. OK-YGA from Corfu; pilots did me a favour and went to the end of rwy passing me; the hands visible in the cocpit window are possibly waving to me. On the west appron there was BAe 146-300 oF TNT reg. OO-TAF standing classically with the V3S at its nose. Before Ryanair's (EI-DHO) departure the rain began to fall (as I suspected) and stopped shorly after take off (as I suspected, too); the photo of this plane is result of fight with umbrella and camera). Luckily there was very nice weather after this rain, so it was possible to take pictures of some flyovers. The Travel Service plane was OK-TVQ again, during take-off it was cleaning water away from the runway. Paradrops were accomplished from Aero L60S Brigadyr reg. OK-LKF. Several times I was passed by some biplane (OK-BIO), and I would like to thank the crew for waving. After departure of CSA to Rhodos I went home, with many photos to process.


Boeing 737-400 BAe 146-300 Boeing 737-800 Airbus 319?
CSA TNT Ryanair EasyJet?


Boeing 777 Boeing 737-800 Aero L60S Brigadyr Airbus 330
Emirates Travel Service Aeroclub of Czech Rep. Gulf Air


Bücker 131 Boeing 737 Boeing 737 Boeing 777-300E/ER
Herbst Aero Corendon Malev EVA Air
OK-BIO ? ? ?


Airbus 330 Boeing 737-400
Emirates CSA