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     I was at the airport after a long time and it was a very nice show of CSA  fleet - mainly two charter A321. It was a bit complicated: OK-CEC arrived from Hurghada, the OK-CED arrived from Hurghada, OK-CEC departed to Bratislava, OK-CED-departed to Ostrava, OK-CEC arrived back from Bratislava and later departed to Hurghada - all in one morning. Meanwile ATR-72 of Cimber Airlines arrived, unfortunately it landed on rwy 28 and vacated via C so I have no nice photo (maybe I'll have more luck on its departure). After the noon ATR-72 of CSA from Prague arrived and luckily it landed on rwy 10. On the west appron TNT's BAe-146 (OO-TAJ) was standing, and also one bizjet arrived - Gulfstream G200 OE-HTI. Higher in the sky Emirates played a pursue game with Qatar Airways and some other planes made them an audience.

Airbus 321 ATR-72 Airbus 321 Double Airbus 321
CSA Cimber Airlines CSA CSA
OK-CEC - 1st arrival OY-CIN OK-CED - arrival OK-CEC/OK-CED


2x Airbus 321 Airbus 321 Airbus 321 Airbus 321
OK-CEC/OK-CED OK-CEC - 1st departure OK-CED - departure OK-CED


BAe 146-300QT Gulfstream Aerospace G200 Airbus 321 ATR-72
TNT Ion Tiriac Air CSA CSA
OO-TAJ OE-HTI OK-CEC - 2nd arrival OK-XFD


ATR-72 ATR-72 Boeing 737-300/500 Boeing 777
CSA CSA SkyEurope Emirates


Boeing 777 Airbus 340-600 MD-11F Boeing 777
Emirates Qatar Airways EVA Air Emirates
? ? ? ?


Boeing 747 Boeing 737-700 Airbus 330 Airbus 330
China Airlines SkyEurope Qatar Airways Qatar Airways
? ? ? ?