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OS-Planes.info - Photos from Brno



    After long time the weather was sunny and the photos look like that - overlit :-) (I must get used to this sharp light again). The place I took the photos from wasn't the best, because Croatian ATR 42, which I waited for, landed on rwy 28 and vacated via twy C, so I saw it only in a distance; during its take-off I saw only its belly... Tomorrow I'll try my best to take a photo of this plane at terminal building.


Zlin 142 ATR 42 Cessna 150 L159 Alca
Blue Sky Service Croatia Airlines Bemoair Czech Air Force


L159 Alca ATR 42 LKTB Airbus 330
Czech Air Force Croatia Airlines Aer Lingus
6057 9A-CTS ?


Airbus 320 Boeing 777
Wizz Air Emirates
? ?