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OS-Planes.info - Photos from Brno



     On saturday morning I had a plan to go to the airport to take some photos of Karthago Airlines B737. Because I overslept a bit, I almost missed the arrival; fortunately, I got off the bus two stops earlier and ran behind the houses in Turany to capture the plane on final for rwy 10. Then I finally went to the fence at the rwy treshold to take some photos of smaller planes and the Boeing on departure. I also enclose a photo of very nice lizard :-).

Boeing 737-300 Boeing 737-300 Boeing 737-300 Tecnam P92 Echo
Karthago Airlines Karthago Airlines Karthago Airlines ?


Boeing 737-300 Boeing 737-300 Cessna FR-172 lizard
Karthago Airlines Karthago Airlines Bemoair


    The weather remained sunny even in the afternoon, so I set off to the Medlanky airport to take photos of somewhat different planes than I usually photograph.

Zlin Z-226 MS L 13 R 22 L 13
Aeroclub Medlanky Aeroclub Medlanky Nisa Air Aeroclub Medlanky
OK-MGM OK-1823 OK-CPW OK-9829


Boeing 737-800 L 13 VT 116 L 13
Ryanair Aeroclub Medlanky Aeroclub Medlanky Aeroclub Medlanky
EI-DLX OK-1823 OK-4321 OK-9829