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OS-Planes.info - About the website


     I have liked the planes, mainly the big ones, since my early childhood. But since I've got my first own camera, I spend a lot of time at the airport fence "hunting" the planes. I'd like to share here my photos, mainly from the airports in Czech Republic (PRG and BRQ), and occasionally I'll add photos from spotting trips.

    If you'd like to use my photos in any way different to personal use, please contact me and ask for permission. You can write me anyway if you have any comments, questions, corrections or anything else, do not hesitate to use following contacts:


Ondrej Zabransky


Email: Zabransky.Ondrej@seznam.cz



Few details about my photo equipment:

- Konica Minolta Dynax 5D + lenses KM AF 18-70 mm and Sigma AF 70-300 DG