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OS-Planes.info - Photos from Brno



    With the hope for some C-17 arriving today I set out to the airport fence near Herbst Aero. There were also other reasons for going there, CSA ATR 72 instead of ATR 42 and a smiley painted on the D328 of Cirrus Airlines (Frank Mertens, one of the CA technicians, promissed me one).

    As I was coming near the spotting place, I noticed two incommutable shapes of Boeing C-17 Globemaster - and it wasn't all, in the evening, another C-17 arrived to BRQ, so there were three of them together.

    There were many planes flying over the airport in the higher flight levels, e.g. An124 Ruslan of Volga Dnepr Airlines. It wasn't easy to make photos of these planes because of the annoying clouds. The sport flying activity was also very strong today.

    In the afternoon two regular turboprop planes arrived (CSA and Cirrus Airlines), but both of them landed on rw 28 and vacated via C so I have no photo af their arrival. I was looking forward to the departure of these planes... And Frank didn't disappoint me - the smiley on D-CIRC was very nice. Afterwards the CSA plane departed - OK-XFB. Very nice surprise for us was L410UVP-E from Estonia - reg. ES-LLC.

    Last plane I was waiting for was regular Ryanair's B737-800 from London-Stansted. It arrived a bit late (with reg. EI-DAS) so I left the airport before its departure.


Boeing C-17 Globemaster Antonov An-124 Ruslan Boeing 777 Zlin 242 L
USAF Volga Dnepr Airlines Continental Airlines ? Bemoair
10193 ? ? OK-YNB


L-200 Morava Cessna 172 Boeing 777 Dornier 328 with smiley
Aeroklub Vysoke Myto Let's Fly British Airways Cirrus Airlines


ATR 72 Boeing 737 BAe Avro RJ100 Let L410UVP-E
CSA EasyJet SN Brussels Airlines Airest


Boeing 737 Boeing 747 Boeing 737 Piper PA-28RT
? ? ÈSA ? Flugbetrieb Watschinger
? ? ? OE-DOU


Boeing 737 Cessna 172 Cessna 152 ? C-130 Hercules
? Bemoair Bemoair ?


DC10 ? / MD11 ? Boeing 747 Airbus 320 ?
? PIA BH Air ?
? ? ? ?


Boeing 737-800