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OS-Planes.info - Photos from Brno



    The weather on the airport was very unphotogenic today, but it should have been more than counterbalanced by a not often seen plane... 

    The wind was strong from west or southwest and runway 28 was in use. So I set off exceptionally to the gate at the treshold of rw 28 near Dvorska. First bigger plane, which came to my viewfinder, was Boeing 737-800 of Travel Service reg. OK-TVQ (without winglets). Till its departure only a small planes showed up. During take off the Boeing leaned a bit to the right due to the strong crosswind, but the rest of the take off procedure was ok. After the helicopter of Czech Police OK-BYB a high spot of the day came - Vickers VC10 C.1K of Royal Airforce reg. XV106. It was rather quiet during landing, but it showed up fully during take off.

    After Ryanair's Boeing 737-800 (reg. EI-CSB) arrival we moved to our favourite spotting place near Herbst Aero; there we took photos of Ryanair taking off and then it came: departure of Vickers with nice smoke and noise effects. Last plane we photographed was departing Dornier 328 Cirrus Airlines D-CIRC, still with the nice smiley on its belly.


Boeing 737-800 Zlin 43 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 737-800
Travel Service AMG Air Travel Service Travel Service


Eurocopter EC-135T-2 Vickers VC10 C.1K Vickers VC10 C.1K Boeing 737-800
Policie ČR Royal Air Force Royal Air Force Ryanair


Boeing 737-800 Kappa 2 Sova Vickers VC10 C.1K Vickers VC10 C.1K
Ryanair ? Royal Air Force Royal Air Force
EI-CSB OK-JUU 24 XV106 XV106


Vickers VC10 C.1K Vickers VC10 C.1K Dornier 328 se smajlíkem
Royal Air Force Royal Air Force Cirrus Airlines
XV106 XV106 D-CIRC