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    After nine days without appearing at the airport fence, I have been showing some abstinence syndrome - high time to visit the airport. On the flight schedule there were some charters added, so I set off to the gate near treshold of rw 28 (wind was from northwest).

    The first departing plane was Dornier 328 of Cirrus Airlines D-CIRA, taking off from the treshold; afterwards the CSA's ATR 42 OK-JFK was departing, but they performed the take-off from tw D level already (too far from me). The first charter I saw this day was Airbus 321 of CSA reg. OK-CED, arriving from Heraklion. L-200 Morava OK-RHH was performing some training flights.

    There were also some suprises - the first one was Yak-40 of Czech Air Force, departing to Prague-Kbely twenty minutes after its arrival. The second surprise (but not so big surprise) was Nouvelair's Airbus 321 instead of scheduled A320. Both charters departed to Ostrava for layover (for some other tourists).

    After the arrival of B737-800 of Ryanair reg. EI-DLG I left the airport due to the unusually cold weather.


Dornier 328 Airbus 321 ATR 42 L-200 Morava
Cirrus Airllines CSA CSA FTO Petr Navratil


Jak 40 Airbus 321 Jak 40 Airbus 321
Czech Air Force Nouvelair Czech Air Force CSA
1257 TS-IQB 1257 OK-CED


L-410 Airbus 321 Boeing 737-800
Czech Air Force Nouvelair Ryanair