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2006-10-17 Bratislava-London/Stansted-Brno


    Last trip of this year was planned on the route Bratislava - Londýn/Stansted - Brno, mainly because we wanted to use Brno-Turany Airport as travellers.

   With two colleagues we set off  with night train to Bratislava. We awaited SkyEurope's Boeing 737-500 for the flight, but B737-300 HA-LKS was deployed instead. We departed before sunrise from rwy 04 and headed for STN; the sunrise was then visible as a reflection on engine.

   On Stansted Airport we were welcommed by relatively nice weather, but also by lack of spotting places. We stayed next the terminal building for a while taking photos, but planes were too far from us. We went early to the security check and then to the building with departure gates, where we took some photos mainly of Ryanair planes.

    For us, there was Ryanair's Boeing 737-800 EI-CSJ (unfortunately without nice signs and without winglets). We were checked-in on-line day before, so we were boarding among first passengers and we could choose our seats. The flight was again without any problems, above Europe there was very nice weather without clouds, so the visibility was almost limitless. Overflying Prague we started our descent and after one and half hour flight we landend safely on rwy 10 of Brno-Turany Airport. We taxied to the appron near new terminal and stopped next to a Karthago Airlines plane. After getting off the plane, we took few photos on appron and went to passport check.

    At the end, I must say, that Stansted Airport is very spotter-unfriendly, only place where you can take photos of landing planes is near treshold rwy 23 and is reachable only with a car.


sunrise sunrise sunrise Boeing 737-300
Sky Europe


Airbus 319 Boeing 737-300 Boeing 737-300 Boeing 757-200
Germanwings Sky Europe Norwegian Air Shuttle EOS


Boeing 737-800 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 737-700 conglomeration
Ryanair Ryanair Air Berlin


Boeing 737-700 Boeing 767-200 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 737-800
Air Berlin MAXJet Ryanair Ryanair


Boeing 737-800 bezpečnostní instrukce Boeing 737 Prague
Ryanair Ryanair Turkish Airlines


Velka Bites Brno Circuit Brno Brno


shadow of EI-CSJ Boeing 737-300 Boeing 737-800 new terminal
Karthago Airlines Ryanair


Boeing 737-800