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2007-03-23 Paris


    Have you ever flown two international flights for total price of 25 EUR? We have! In the autumn 2006 SkyEurope surprised us with unbelieveble prices, so we didn't hesitate and bought 15 (!) return tickets from Prague to Paris for March 23.

    On that friday morning we departed from Prague on Boeing 737-700 OM-NGF in very nice weather. During the flight on FL400 we watched the weather going bad and after landing at Paris-Orly airport the sky became overcast and some showers came too. So we boarded the Metro and traveled through Paris. We have seen the most famous places of Paris: Notre-Dame, Palace of Justice, Louvre, Champs Elysees, Arch of Triumph, Eiffel Tower (with visit of the second floor) and Sacre-Coeur on Montmartre. Because of the unfriendly weather we were glad that we got back to the airport and dried ourselves. Most of our group members got together at the check-in for our evening flight.

    With some slight (1 hour) delay we departed Paris at 9:05 PM with brand new Boeing 737-700 OM-NGJ. After the short flight on FL390 we landed safely in practically-no-visibility at Prague airport, went through all arrival procedures, said good bye to another group members and traveled to our homes.

    I think most of us would like to visit Paris again, but for some longer time, this trip was something like reconnaissance. 

    I'm sorry if somebody awaited a lot of photos of planes... I had this in my plan, but the weather decided for me.


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Boeing 737-700 Boeing 737-700 Karlovy Vary winglet
SkyEurope SkyEurope


winglet shadow of OM-NGF Boeing 747-400 Notre-Dame


Notre-Dame photographers among us Palace of Justice police on horseback
Le Palais de Justice


Le Louvre Le Louvre L'Avenue  Arch of Triumph
des Champs Élysées L'Arc de Triomphe


Arch of Triumph Eiffel tower Eiffel tower Eiffel tower
L'Arc de Triomphe La Tour Eiffel La Tour Eiffel La Tour Eiffel


Eiffel tower northwest view northeast view Le Champ de Mars
La Tour Eiffel


brave pigeon top of the Eiffel tower Petr H. Trocadéro


elevator shaft view from Trocadéro Le Montmartre
Le Sacré-Coeur