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2008-01-27 London-Stansted



Tu-154M   Airbus 319   Air Navigation Services   airport
Rossia   EasyJet       Brussels
RA-85800   G-EZAO       BRU / EBBR


traffic   over English Channel   England coast   airport
            WXF / EGVT


go-around (Stansted)   firefighting trainer   queue for departure   Airbus 320
            First Choice Airways


CFM-56-5A   Boeing 747-400   Boeing 747-400   Boeing 737-800
    Asiana Cargo   Cathay Pacific   Ryanair
    HL7426   B-???   EI-CSN


Boeing 737-800   Boeing 757-200   Boeing 757-200   tower
KTHY - Cyprus Turkish Airlines   Thomsonfly   EOS    
TC-MSO   G-BYAO   N926JS    


airport   airport   airport   overcast...
London-Stansted   Woodbridge   Bentwaters    
STN / EGSS       BWY    


wing + winglet   spoilers